I am an Assistant Professor in the Social Justice and Peace Studies program at King’s University College at Western University.

My research interests are interdisciplinary, crisscrossing contemporary political theory, feminist theory, political economy, philosophy, and sociology. One strand of research revolves around the study of Real Utopias, which are institutions designed to be both normatively emancipatory and empirically grounded. My interests in this area include economic democracy, the solidarity economy, basic income, participatory budgeting, carbon taxes, universal caregiving, and so on. Another strand of research focuses on contemporary debates over distributive justice, with interest in questions of egalitarianism, economic desert, autonomy, time sovereignty, and the culture of consumerism.

Current projects include:

  • Book Manuscript with Jennifer Nedelsky (University of Toronto) provisionally entitled A Care Manifesto: Part-Time for All (Forthcoming from Oxford University Press, 2018).
  • Book Manuscript on Economic Freedom: Security and Opportunity for All
  • Journal Article on Distributive Desert
  • Journal Article on Ethic of Care Feminism and the Critique of Libertarianism
  • Book Chapter with J.J. McMurtry (York University) on The Optimal Financial Arrangements for Worker Cooperatives

I am also a longtime anti-authoritarian activist and organizer. I have worked with migrant justice, anti-poverty, global justice, anti-war, and solidarity economy groups. Most recently I have been organizing with Black Lives Matter and Showing Up For Racial Justice.

I can be reached at tommalleson@gmail.com

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